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Elvin’s latest msg in Elvinology =)

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Wed Nov 5, 2008 3:44 am
Message #16565 Some Happy Thoughts…

Hello Elves!!!

Lets begin w a joke
Heard this fr e MediaCorp D&D recently
Wld love 2 share it w U all

Kumar carries a big bag n dumps many things in it
One day he was walking along e road n searching 4 his
handphone in his huge bag
He began 2 panic after he dug thru all his stuff but
still he cldnt find it
Suddenly his phone rang…
Mummy: “Hey Son, r U coming back 4 dinner 2nite?”
Kumar: “Oh no Mom, i think i lost my phone. I’ll call U
back in awhile, bye.”
3 seconds later…
Kumar looked at e phone in his hand n realised, “This is
my phone in my hand rite?”
He laughed at his own foolishness.
1 minute later…
The phone rang again…
Mummy: “Hey Son, did U manage 2 find yr phone?”

Hope U all like my opening
What a way 2 begin rite
N a v suitable way 2 begin too
Cos it fits e theme “Some Happy Thoughts…”
Don U think
N more importantly it fits e mood im finding myself
mostly in these days
Dono y
But i think im happiest at this point in my life so far
Feeling free, carefree, happy…
Perhaps… i hav straightened out my thoughts
Perhaps… its e infectious (at least 2 myself) “happy-go-
lucky Buqun” role i hav put myself in e past 2 months
or so
Don ask me y
I really dono
But i wld really love 2 share my happiness w U all
N wish tt U all can b feeling happy too

Happiness is an outlook of life
Whatever happens around U
Only U can affect/ effect/ determine
its steering n direction

Lets come up w a few possible happy resons
2 try 2 explain my current mood:

Reason #1
Im really happy 2 b back on e screen
After a long half a year
Pple hav been asking me
“Oh, haven seen U 4 a long time. U hav gone missing!”
Some w a smug look on their faces
S if 2 say like “There i knew it! U wldnt last long!”
Or “So now they don want U alr is it? There r so many
But of cos these make up e minority
Most ask w genuine concern n sincerity
N wld like 2 find out when i ll b on screen again
I wld then answer “I had a knee operation half year ago
n rested four months b4 i came back 2 film e “Aids”
show “By My Side” which is going 2 b airing soon/ airing
Well im just really happy 2 b back after a long layoff
W a meaningful production 2 greet U all
The break was good 4 me
“To retreat s a form of advancement”
Tts what i wld like 2 think of it s
Sounds like “Tai Ji Quan” haha =)

Oh no
My soccer’s starting
I ll continue w my reasons after my soccer match
Roma vs Chelsea
Must b e Buqun character at work again
So longwinded n full of nonsense
Cant finish my long story b4 my match
Got 2 go
See U all later…


Wed Nov 5, 2008 8:16 am
Message #16569 – Some Happy Thoughts… (Cont’d)

Ok im back
Chelsea lost
Btw if Ur thinking y im up thru e nite
Its bcos im off 2day

Reason #2
I finally got down 2 posting this msg
I had earlier wanted 2 post a msg 2 U all many times
But everytime i tried 2
I realised i had writer’s mental block
So i ended up not posting anything
Moral of e story was “If i didnt hav anything meaningful
2 say, then better not say”
Not like i hav anything exactly meaningful 2 say now
But its been too long since i posted
So yes
Hope Ur happy 2 see my msg

Reason #3
I was really happy 2 see e overwhelming response 2
e suggestions 4 e 2008 gathering
Happy 2 feel e enthusiasm n energy going on here
altho U all haven heard fr me 4 a long time
I hav been reading all yr posts too
Personally i do like e ideas of a children’s home visit
or a casual Sentosa outing w activities
But i also think they might b quite hard 2 arrange
We ll see how when e time is nearer
Really looking 4ward 2 meeting U all again
N hopefully meeting many others 4 e 1st time too
My manager is arranging my schedule n mayb e date ll b
clearer in 2-3 weeks time
Im hoping it can b early/mid Dec
Most likely its abt then
Cos i hav 2 working trips coming up (Just a brief update)
1 in late Nov to Australia (Photoshoot)
1 in late Dec to Japan (Filming “Dreamcatchers” s U all
might alr know)
Anyway hope this gathering can accomodate s many of us s
Hope 2 see a good turnout =)

Reason #4
Happy 2 see e “pioneer batch” of Elves n so many of U
still “By My Side” (pardon e pun) after so long
Really heartwarming 2 see U all still so active n concerned
Makes me feel im blessed
N sometimes i wonder how long U all ll b sticking w me
Do i hav such luck n blessing =)

Reason #5
It has got 2 b “Chen Buqun”
Never came across such a “long-winded, talkative,
irritating, n persistent” person
Cannot-be-beaten-down, never-say-die attitude
I think playing this character has definitely changed me n
made me a much “happier, happy-go-luckier, brighter, more
optimistic, confident, n infectious” person
Mayb cheekier, naughtier, more extroverted (Im not sure)
I realise im a lot more talkative now (if U all haven
realised by now fr my msg)
But unfortunately not w a lot more substance
N a lot less serious now
More light-hearted i mean
Or perhaps im wrong
He just brought out a hidden part of my character
Whatever it is
Im happier now
N i totally agree we all shld hav a brighter n happier
outlook of/on life

Anyway hav U all been following e show “By My Side”
So far not so much of “Buqun n Yuhang”
Will hav more of us coming up in e following eps
Any comments on e show or on e character im playing
Personally i think its a relatively heartwarming n at
times touching drama
A more heartlander, family love story + A younger, more
romantic n hopeful love story
Amidst e more serious n tense central topic of e show
(about Aids)
Buqun serves e function of brightening it up w a sunnier
Personally i thought it was e hardest role 4 me so far
Cos i constantly had 2 keep my energy level up thru e
whole day of filming
N i had 2 talk a lot
Had a lot of lines 2 memorise almost everyday
Or rather paragraphs 2 memorise
Reminded me of dictation back in primary school
But all in all
I felt it was really good training 4 me
N im happy now

Just a quick update:
Im filming “Dreamcatchers” now
A Japanese engineer
A more guest/cameo role
Acting opp Rui En again
N a majority of my scenes ll b done in Japan over 10
Then i ll move on immediately after 2 “The Ultimatum” in
early Jan
“Bad guy” role
Rich man’s son
Lacking in capability n narrow-minded
But fighting hard 2 get family fortune
Acting opp 2 v well-respected n established veteran actresses
V challenging n exciting 4 me tho relatively less scenes
compared 2 my previous shows
Great learning opportunity

I shall end off w Buqun’s motto in life
Buqun: “As long as we don’t give up, miracles can happen.”
I hav shared w U my happy thoughts
Y don U share yours w me
Hear fr U soon

Take care
See U all soon =)

Yours Always


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