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Elvin’s blog

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Elvin’s own blog is up.



CNY 09 Memories from Nat Ho’s Blog

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To my Chinatown Family… and this of course includes those of you who had to leave earlier – you all know who you are ;)

Omega Event

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CNY 2009 Rehearsals @ Chinatown

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Thanks to Meiling of Elvinology for the following pix :)

P1020464 copy

P1020487 copy

P1020488 copy

P1020489 copy
P1020519 copy
P1020522 copy
P1020539 copy
P1030066 copy
P1030067 copy
P1030079 copy
P1030082 copy
P1030129 copy
P1030132 copy

28.01.2009 Wan bao

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