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Elvin on Shin Min 07.02.2009

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It might be rumour, it might be true.

Its up to indiviual to wanna believe it or not.

But we all noe how the media loves to stir up news and headlines sometimes.

However you guys can read e reply from Elvin’s blog…

From Elvin’s Blog:

The truth is:

February 8, 2009

It’s strange how sometimes, you learn things about yourself you never knew…

“He begged ex-girlfriend for reconciliation and was rejected.”

“For a year, he could not let go of this relationship and all hopes of reconciliation were dashed this Lunar New Year.”

“He started a blog and his blog entries are very sad.”

The above was ”printed on paper”…

The Truth is:

The below was “over the phone”…

“Writing a blog has nothing to do with my previous relationship or being out of love. Why do people always think that you only write when you are sad? It’s just that recently, I’ve been having a lot of thoughts and I wanted to pen them down. Maybe, it’s the urge to write again. From my Literature days, I think. I’ve always liked writing. I also thought that through my blog, my fans who care about me and people who are close to me can learn more about me and understand me better if they wish to. To see the more personal side of me, a different side of me perhaps from day-to-day encounter. But although my blog is ‘open to public’, it’s not ‘meant for public’. As in I write for myself and it’s not written to address the public; there is no target audience in my writing. I hope this article’s focus will be on my blog and not my previous relationship, which has already been more than a year back.”

“It was a mutual separation. We moved on to new phases in our lives; hence, our paths and thinking diverted. We still keep in contact over the phone once in a while. For a year after, you know, you still have the little flame, the little glow, that refuses to go away, to blow out. But a year after, you tell yourself it’s over and it’s time to move on. To put into history, to close that chapter of your life safely in one corner of your heart and move on. And I’m very happy at this point.”

“You think my blog entries are very sad and blue? No lah, they are very optimistic and forward-looking! I know they can come across as bleak and pessimistic but if you really understand them, they are very positive and full of hope! [To question certain things in life, to accept reality, to come to terms with, to face bravely, no delusion involved, to move forward.] Being sentimental and contemplative about many things in life doesn’t mean I’m disillusioned about the future. I might be pessimistic last time when I was much younger but now, I’m very optimistic, much more ‘feeling’ and definitely more ‘in the moment’.”

I have always believed that the basic premise is to capture “Truth” in writing. More important than “Truth” would be to capture “Soul” in writing, in Life. A sort of “justice”, a “moral responsibility”.

In a postmodern world, “what you see is what you get, no more”. Sensationalisation. Dramatisation. Projection. Production. Pretention. Presentation. Imagination. Idealisation. Creation. Fiction. To serve a function. Nothing wrong with that. As long as we are aware where it’s coming from.

So I say, let’s take it with a pinch of salt. “Truths” these days have attended yoga sessions. Contortions. Distortions. Contractions. Expansions. Illusions. Lost in Translation. Different degrees of “Truths”. In the shape of written words, spoken words, idiosyncracies, subjective perception, rumours, gossip, hearsay, “I heard”, “They said”… Last time, they said “nothing but the truth”; now, it’s “nothing but half-truth”. Virtual Reality. Artifice. Machines. Robots. Cloning. Photoshop. Makeup. Humans. Love. How much “Truth” is left and how much left is “Truth”? How do we tell fact from fiction? Awareness and Discretion, I should say.

And the Truth is…


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