Star Awards 2010 online voting STARTS NOW!

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Dear Elves,

Since each person is only allowed 1 vote in each category per day,

Let’s all concentrate to vote for TARZAN! =)

http://starawards20 10.mediacorptv. sg/onlinevoting. htm

Elvin is nominated for Favourite Male Character – Sato – Dream Catchers, Ren Yi – Ultimatum and Tarzan – Together

Online Voting Details

Are you in love or fascinated with any character in our drama serials or variety shows? Now you can show your support for your favourite male or female characters through online voting!

The following 3 new awards will be decided fully through online voting by viewers.

1. Favourite Male Character
2. Favourite Female Character
First round of voting: 1 March – 11 April, midnight
All characters are from eligible Star Awards drama serials and variety shows.

Second round of voting: 18 April
The respective Top 10 nominees of both categories will then battle for the honour of the title during Show 1. All votes will not be accumulative and will have to start from zero during the live show.

3. Most Unforgettable TV Villain
Voting will be opened only during the live show. Candidates are selected by the Star Awards preparatory committee based on the year’s TV villains.

Voting Guidelines:
• Open to Singaporeans and anyone holding valid FIN numbers.
• Voting is free-of-charge.
• Each voter is only entitled to one vote per day for each award

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