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The prettiest brownie!

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From the creator of our brownie, an old friend of mine ;)

“It’s a kind of satisfication when you see something of yours on a magzine even if it’s just a tiny picture at a little corner (: makes my day! ♥”
Thanks Debra, for the time & effort for making this brownie come true! =)

Iweekly issue #717 Ruivin

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Credits to i-weekly’s facebook

8Days, Iweekly Smurf Charity Event <3

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Hello All~

Date: 7th Aug 2011, Sunday
Venue: Bugis Junction

Elvin will be back to attend this event.
Pls go down to show your support n bid for the smurf he designed. Despite having a tight schedule of filming, our very sweet idol used 5hours to design it! Proceeds will go to the charity. :)

We will be meeting at 12pm.
Elvin’s appearance will be at 3+pm

Attire will be elves tee!

A total of 90 figurines will then be exhibited at Bugis Junction for a month, 7 August till 9 September 2011. During this time, a silent auction will take place. Members of the public are encouraged to submit bids for their favourite designs, via email to:

More details found here:

Members, Pls RSVP with us at if you wanna join us! hope to see you elves there! :)

Elvin <3

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A really cute .gif =)

Systema!!! =)

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I-Weekly issue no. 717 Elvin & Ruien on cover! =)

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Thanks Kelly for the scans :)

Please remember to grab your copy of i-weekly!!!


8 Days Issue no. 1083

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Thanks Kelly for the scans! :)

Do remember to grab a copy! :)


Spice Vaganza

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A restaurant in Muar where Elvin is spotted. =)

The lucky ppl in Muar!


I-Weekly issue no. 715

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Thanks Kelly for the scans :)

Elvin Ng makes ‘sushi’ for his fans in Muar

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The actor jumps on the Konapun bandwagon and rolls a couple of plastic Japanese sushi rolls for his fans


Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Elvinology fanclub

Elvin Ng

The latest ‘food’ craze to hit town, Elvin Ng gets on the toy-making trend and tries his hand at Konapun (a Japanese fake food making toy) and dished out a couple of plastic nigiri rolls for his fans when they visited him in Muar a couple of weeks ago.

A small cluster of nine fans traveled from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (KL) during the June school holidays, and took another two-hour van ride to Muar from KL where Elvin is currently filming the period drama series, Code of Honour. They were lucky their visit collided with Elvin’s off day and managed to spend the entire day with the heartthrob.

One kg worth of bak kwa (barbecue meat), boxes of Pocky, cakes and egg tarts were some of the little treats from home that the members of Elvinology gave their beloved idol. In a phone interview with xinmsn, Elvinology fanclub president Audrey Huang shared that they went sightseeing in Muar with Elvin as their “guide”.

Having a young and dashing actor as a guide also meant that the group, and in particular, Elvin, tends to get mobbed by the locals whenever they set foot outside.

Elvin Ng

“When he is outside, the crowd will just start flocking towards him. They like him a lot and keep asking Elvin for photo opportunities. He never says no to anyone although you can see he’s really tired,” she added.

In a phone interview with Elvin, the actor who was feeling under the weather told us, “I feel very loved, and it makes me feel at home here in a foreign land.

“To be here for months and to have my family and fans come up over the weekend to look for me makes me feel like I’m home, it also helps to break the monotony of work when they shower me with love and care.”

Check out photos of Elvin and his bunch of endearing fans in Muar below!
Fans of Elvin who are interested in becoming a member of Elvinology can visit the fanclub’s official website for more details.



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