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PUMA Faas Event at Knightsbridge

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Our comfy transport from Bugis to Knightsbridge :)

the very sporting 7 elves who took part in the running! :)

Winners Elvin & Zona! :)

Group pic with Elvin :)

And lastly, Elvin’s running videos to share.

Iweekly, 8days Smurf Charity Event on 7th Aug 2011

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Our Sunday started at 12pm at Bugis mrt station. Lunch at subway and cos of the rain, we had to stand all the way till Elvin’s segment at about 4pm.

But it was all worthwhile ;)

Esther was being asked up on stage to sing a national day song in smurf’s voice :)

Kelly & Audrey were onstage to played a game of charades!



Our prizes :)


Vivi’s free tickets to Smurfs! Lucky girl! :)

Huiyun’s guessing game with Elvin :)

And a group pic :)

Part of Huiyun’s freebies- Smurf badges! <3

Iweekly issue no.719

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