Star Awards Goes International!

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Good news Elvin Ng fans from Indonesia! Now you can also be involved in Singapore’s Star Awards!


Click here to vote for Elvin now!!

Fans from Malaysia, Cambodia and China can also head down to the respective websites to vote.

Thank you & Keep the Votes Coming

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A HUGE thank you to all the supporters of Elvin who has been putting in the effort to vote for him. Our work this past week has paid off and we have come in first (for now). let us continue to vote and make Elvin Singapore’s most popular ah beng!!!

For those who have not voted, please head down here to vote now! Remember it’s one vote per acct per day so do check in everyday to vote!!


Elvin goes to Perth

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Click here to view more photos of Elvin’s trip to Perth.


Click here to watch a video of Elvin’s trip to Perth. And yes, he even has fans in Perth!

Elvin Eats AGAIN…

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Ok, so it is an open secret that Elvin enjoys eating.

Maybe just “a bit” more than others. Watch this video to see what goes on behind the scenes of the bridal shoot for blissful brides.
*hint: it turns into a discussion about.. You guessed it, food.

The look of bliss and pleasure talking about food.

Overseas fans feeling left out?

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Are our overseas fans feeling left out from all the hype, voting and nominations? Here’s your chance to not only get involved but also stand to win great prizes! VOTE FOR ELVIN NOW!

Here’s how you can enter and vote.

Our Malaysian Fans
Head down here to vote!


Our Cambodian Fans
Head down here to vote!


Our Chinese Fans
Head down here to vote!


What are you waiting for? VOTE NOW. Thank you all very much for your support.
还在等什么? 现在就投票吧。 谢谢大家支持。

Tour the USA!

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Yup. It’s official! Elvin will be leading a tour group to Eastern USA and Canada!! Don’t we all just want to be on this trip?

Do visit the chan brothers website for more details and book your holiday now! Act fast to receive some very special discounts! 

See you all there! <3

Singapore Entertainment Awards

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It’s like Christmas in March! More nominations and more awards!

Vote for Elvin under category I, most popular local actor. Head down to this website to vote. Remember, it’s DAILY voting, so do vote for Elvin daily.


Alternatively, you can SMS the following to 146077877:

Each SMS costs 21 cents (inclusive of GST).

Your support and votes are greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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