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Joining Elvinology entitles members to:

  • Tickets to events/recordings/live shows (subject to availability)
  • Exclusive invite to fan club gathering with Elvin Ng
  • Exclusive Elvinology membership card
  • Exclusive, juicy updates and news about Elvin Ng
  • Meet Elvin Ng close up during events

Elvinology Membership:

Our membership fee is S$28.00, which includes the yearly membership fee, membership card, and an Elves tee.

Payment can be made via bank transfer.

Elvinology Renewal:

Our yearly renewal fee of the membership fee is S$5.00 per year.

Payment of the renewal fees can be made via bank transfer.

Elvin’s message on Yahoo Group:

FC members will get some priority & privileges over non-FC members in occasion of limited event tickets or limited spaces for gatherings…

But rest assured I’ll try to allocate spaces to or accommodate even more people for the gatherings so that non-FC members can also take part…

All these will be at the committee’s discretion after discussion with me
 (how to allocate tickets or gathering spaces)… I hope you all can give the committee your 
full support, respect and cooperation. I do trust them to manage the committee and FC (based on their 
enthusiasm and proven track record in past gatherings). 
Please understand that they will constantly seek my knowledge and approval over matters here before they decide or act.

& that the committee will represent me in disseminating certain information through yahoo group…

Please do give them some tolerance and understanding if certain matters are not handled in the best possible manner. But knowing they will always try their best and have the best interests for 
Elvinology. Suggestions and feedback is always welcome in the yahoo group”

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